LOB – Competition

AWAJ design had carried good mention at all stages of the competition and awaits the final outcome in the near future. AWAJ studied the orientation of each plot as well as the best visual and vehicular approach routes.

Client                          : JAFZA

 Project Cost              : AED 730.5 Million 

Built Up Area              : 185,806.1 Sq.m. 

 Location                    : JAFZA, Dubai 

Scope                        : Lead Consultant | Total Design Responsibility 

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authourity (JAFZA), Dubai, floated an open competition for design and construction of four Lease-Office-Buildings (LOBs) at four different plots across JAFZA South region. The key requirement was to create a single design which fits well into the given four plots and at the same time shall be low on energy and use maximum energy compliant features.