Proposed IT Park

Visual and azimuthal orientations were well incorporated along with features that will make it energy efficient as well as cost efficient.

Client                          : Grandpeak

Project Cost               : AED 600 million

Built Up Area             : 161,522.00 sq.m 

Location                    : Noida, India

Scope                        : Concept Design

This iconic mixed use development consist of IT Park, 5 star Hotel and Residential Tvowers. Tower and the hotel are connected at the ground level by shopping arcade. The project is planned in two phases, hotel and IT park being the first followed by residential towers and support amenities.

The building will have two basements for parking, a ground floor that houses a Business Center and a large entry-atrium along with associated lounges, a coffee shop and bar, backed up with a kitchen which can also facilitate the Business Centre, in case of larger gatherings requiring buffets and snacks.

The upper storeys will be office-floors for the UB Group and its associate group companies or tenant organizations. The leaning mass of the building overlooks this beautiful landscape taking up its soothing effects right into the working spaces on the floors above.