Students Accommodation Glocal University, UP, India

  • YEAR :

Client                :  Grand Peak Group (Part of Global University Town)

Project Cost    :  AED 314,035.00

Built-Up Area  : 79,910 sq.m.

Location            :  Uttar Pradesh, India

Scope                   :  From concept to completion

The Client’s brief was to have a contemporary, simple straightforward building that goes well with the other buildings’ architectural style on the campus. To achieve this – addition and subtraction in the main built form – used to create a sunken window and balcony. One can experience the beautiful Shivalik Hills from the rooms and balcony located on the external side of the corridor. The rooms and balcony on the internal side of the corridor are arranged around the well-designed landscaped courtyard side to bring the natural outdoors inside.

 This Hostel Development provides Housing for 75% of the total student population. 7 buildings are dedicated to boys hostels and 4 buildings are for girls hostels. These hostels are further categorized into 2 bed, 4 bed, and 6-bed units to meet various students requirements. Each unit is provided with an attached toilet. Courtyards are formed between building blocks. This planning gives `openness’ to the institute and deviates further away from conventional `closed’ colleges and Universities.

The internal courtyards created between different building blocks have amphitheaters of different designs which form an informal learning and interacting space which further boosts the learning process the Institute promotes. The client’s full program is divided into three functions/categories spread over the basement, ground floor, and 5 upper floors. • The basement houses the common facilities like kitchen, dining and recreation room, games room, etc. • Admin, warden room, parents visiting room located in the part of the ground floor. • The remaining part of the ground floor and upper floors purely houses the rooms for the students